Truth about AWTOK

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AWTOK: some may think their evil but dont always trust what they say.

Here, I going to tell you the truth about them and make sure you get eveything you have to know.

Oh yes, and I will have Spells for you to do if you want to be a mermaid or avian or a vampire.

Have fun here.


1: No Role Players(thats how the AWTOK mess got started) you will be banned

2: No bullying-that will get you banned as well

3: Fighting is allowed-but try to keep it in private

4: No Trolls!-Banned on the spot

5: Swearing is allowed-but try not to over do it.

6: Otherkin are welcome as well-just be nice.

7: No asking an otherkin for proof of their heritage

Have Fun! :)

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