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Spells for being a mermaid


First you must know the 3 shifting phases


F Shift


M Shift


P Shift


F shift is your fantasy shift picture yourself as a mermaid think about what mermaid would you be this is where the creation starts this will help you connect to your inner mermaid


M Shift is the most important of them this is where you will open your mermaid self unleash your mermaid spirit by meditation this will help you during your shift. Calming music is at best.


P Shift this is the part where you will turn into a mermaid you will concentrate on summoning your tail you must be focused on this for if you aren't your tail won't come so same thing listn to calm music.


Once you completed the last shift you will be a mermaid.



Things you will need


salt water or any water

flowers to make a magic ring

and quietness or calming music with you.


Water, Air, Earth and Fire elements come to my aid

I ask to become a mermaid with beauty and grace

Let me swim in the sea give me gills let me explore

For my dream is to swim with the mermaids  and be free

My tail shall be _______ with ______fins on the side

my tail may be slimy or dry the sea is were I belong

I wish not to remain mermaid forever that is my wish

no water will change me I shall be safe forever more

Beautiful Sea forever Mother Earth

So mote it Be!


Beyond The Sea
Celtic Woman (Women Of Ireland)